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About Mementomori Global

With eleven years of experience in crafting "Mementomori" ties and connecting Italian creators to customers in East Asia, we knew it would take a different kind of company to reach out to customers all over the world. That's why we founded Mementomori Global. Our mission is to distribute the world's best ties to those most in need.


Mementomori Global collects neckties of craftsmanship mainly from Italy, England, Japan and South Korea. Even if we're not wearing ties every single day, we believe that elegantly folded & tied fabrics around our neck will stay very close to today's gentlemen, timelessly. From Louis XIV's passion for cravat to our love for present ties, men always have been in search of aesthetics in neckwear. And we will pursue the same path that respected tie makers have taken for centuries. In the meanwhile, you can find the best craftsmanship through our various collections in Mementomori Global.

We welcome you to our flagship store at Gangnam in Seoul. You will be able to meet up with more collections than we introduce here on our website. To make the best of your visit, a cup of coffee would be served with great pleasure. Plus, our custom-made furnitures with Korean traditional touch will please your eyes as much as our lovely collections do while you walk in the store. If you plan your visit, please contact us in advance. Walk-ins are welcome, too. 
Opening Hours | time in Seoul
Weekdays 11AM - 7PM
Sat & Sun Off

tel. (+82) 10. 9184. 9275

6F, Teheran-ro 39-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul