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The most beautiful handkerchief in the world, SIMONNOT-GODARD

Starting in France in 1787, SIMONNOT-GODARD has been producing linen, handkerchiefs, and tableware for over 200 years. They make beautiful handkerchiefs by delicately weaving and sewing the best materials, though not fancy. In 1830, they built a production plant in northern France and expanded their business by gradually increasing the production volume of handmade handkerchiefs, and by the 1860s, they were already loved by nobles all over Europe. The Simonnot family has been in the family business for generations, and Benjamin Simonnot currently runs the company and is loved in fashion centers such as Paris, New York, Tokyo, Naples and London.

SIMONNOT-GODARD is also famous for producing Hermes' tableware and pocket squares. If you look at the 1961 Hermes pictorial, there's a statement about the logo of SIMONNOT-GODARD and the range of products they sell. They were not printed on cotton or linen fabric and make a pattern by weaving the fabric. In addition to Hermes, SIMONNOT-GODARD supplies the world's best quality pocket squares to Ralph Lauren, Dior, Lanvin and Armani.