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About tie interlining

Martegani Fiorenzo S.R.L factory in Milan 


Interlining, or interfacing, is used in nearly all neckties—an exception being the six & seven fold variety. It is hidden between the layers of the ties outer shell. Interlining helps create and maintain the shape of the tie and adds extra bulk and weight. Though weights vary, the lining is often made of a brushed wool blend to give ties a fuller shape. Because less shell fabric is required when interlining is used, the total cost of the necktie is significantly reduced. Manufacturers of cheap neckwear often skimp on the interlining resulting in ties that are either paper thin or stiff as a board.



The Interlining of a tie is very very important because it helps a tie to drape and oftentimes it’s completely neglected. That’s obvious because on a label, usually only talks about the material of the outer shell, it never even mentions the interlining. Therefore, most ties contain cheap polyester based interlinings that are thick and so people think a thick tie stands for quality however that’s not true.


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